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“All your plumbers have been courteous, kind, honest and on time. I’m a person who thrives on excellent customer service. I couldn’t ask for better service!” – Joan S., Sparks

With over 40 years of experience, you can trust JET Plumbing for all your home repair needs. We specialize in plumbing services, including water heater repair, and offer comprehensive underground services.

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Our Services

Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

Our Plumbing Department handles all problems associated with water and pressurized fuel gas inside and outside your building. If it transfers, stores or dispenses, we can install it or repair it. Call 775.225.5538 now to have your questions answered. Please visit our complete plumbing information page for more information.

Plumbing Services

Drain Cleaning Services

Underground Services

Our experts in the Underground Services Department have the training and equipment to do every job in a professional and safe manner. We can repair or replace any problem associated with underground water lines, sewer lines, stormdrains, culverts or under-slab piping. Contact our office today at 775.225.5538 for more information.

Underground Services

Underground Services

Drain Services

Our Drain Department handles all areas where “used” water is found. Whether it’s waste from your home or rain water from the parking lot, once it’s served it’s purpose we make sure that it drains properly to the city sewer, storm drain or your septic tank or french drain. Click here for more about Jet Plumbing’s drain cleaning services.

Drain Cleaning Services

For over 50 years, approximately 94% of our over 13,000 service calls every year are performed for returning customers or referrals from them.  

Why Choose Jet?

Experience + Quality + Reputation = Value

Jet Plumbing’s service technicians are specially trained in the department they work. And with an average of 7 years at JET Plumbing, they know what is expected of them on every job and for every customer.

JET Plumbing guarantees all workmanship on newly installed material, equipment, faucets and fixtures for one full year. All of the material we supply is guaranteed by us for one full year. In most cases the manufacturers warranty, such as that offered by the Bradford White Water Heater Company, applies above and beyond that.

70% of our 9,000+ service calls every year are performed for our returning customers. For 40 years the JET Plumbing name has been synonymous with “plumbing service” in Northern Nevada. From the first telephone call to the completed job, you will know why JET Plumbing continues to excel as the leader in the plumbing and drain cleaning industry in Northern Nevada.

In today’s economy it’s hard to determine just what the definition of the word value means from one person to the next. Jet Plumbing‘s owner and employees are aware that getting the most for your dollar is important to all our customers, but for some just having a repair done right now is more important than the cost of the repair. We would like to express that whether it’s time, price, or quality you are most concerned about, we are truly focused on all three aspects equally. The true test of “taking care of the customer” is proven when they use our services again and again, and that is what we value the most.

With that in mind, Jet Plumbing & Drains Services reminds you that when you’re looking for a service company; compare apples, ask a friend who they use, and check credentials. No one has ever regretted doing their homework.