2/10/2024 | Sparks

“I like you guys a lot and refer you to all my friends.  Jesse was very professional, and I am very pleased with Jesse and Jet.”

Mark S.

2/26/2024 | Reno

Beth called and said, “Jimmy did a fine job.  He explained everything, was very courteous and I give him 5 stars.”

Beth H.

1/30/24 | Reno

“Jet is always reliable, knowledgeable, and takes good care of us. Particularly impressed with Rodney today and all his years of experience.”


2/19/24 | Sparks

“Jeramie did a great job and was very nice.”

Barbara S.

1/24/24 | Reno

Angela called complimenting Eddie and Jesse.  “They were friendly and professional.  I love how thorough and patient they were when explaining the job to me.  They went above and beyond.”

Angela R.

2/14/2024 | Reno

Robert called to say that he had a good experience and that the techs were polite and did an excellent job.


2/9/2024 | Reno

“JR and Dave were very neat, polite, funny, and completed the job quickly.  I had a great experience.”


Serviced 1/17/24 | Entered from website

Jet plumbers have been to my house on many occasions through my home warranty to replace tub and bath faucets, repair toilets, service my furnace, and replace my water heater. They always call to notify me when they’ll be arriving, and they always arrive on time. The plumbers are knowledgeable, efficient, and professional, especially Rodney and Travis. Everyone in the office has been friendly and proficient. I will only hire Jet in the future, even when my warranty runs out.


Serviced 10/10/2023 | Carson City

Carol called to praise Jesse and say he really saved the day.  “He was very professional and is a master at what he does.  I will request him from now on.”


Serviced 9/16/2023 | Sparks

“I wanted to share that Joey and Jesse were fantastic technicians.  They were very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and took extra time to find outdoor clean-outs that we didn’t know were there.  They attempted a second time at the end of the day to service the first house on the street but were denied entry.  They even offered to look around the outside of the home to find a buried clean-out as we did with two other houses.”
“I would highly recommend Joey and Jesse.  I also very much appreciate your help in this.  I met with 5 companies of varying prices and went with Jet because of your people skills, your willingness to look around the properties with me and for the explanations you provided while you were out here.  You took your time, answered my many questions, and put me at ease.  Thank you to you and your team at Jet!”


Serviced 11/6/2023 | Reno

Ted called to say what a great job Travis did.  “Personable and great work'”

Ted S.

Serviced 11/9/2023 | Reno

Janice called, “Everyone she talked to was great.  The Techs were wonderful.”

Janice L.

Serviced 10/19/2023 | Reno

“Caleb was the nicest, most honest, straight-shooting guy.  And all-around really good kid.”


Serviced 10/19/2023 | Reno


Gerold O.

Serviced 10/6/2023 | Reno

Connie called to compliment Luiz and Jason.  “They are both great techs and people.”

Connie H.

Serviced 6/14/2023 | Reno

“Skip and Ricky did as amazing a job with the re-pipe job at our house.  Skip is the ultimate professional, and a thorough technician.  He is very knowledgeable, accommodating and very considerate.”



Serviced 9/22/2023 | Reno

Evan called and said, “Joey was wonderful and explained everything.”

Evan P.

Serviced 1/4/2023 | Reno

He said for his New Years resolution instead of always giving negative reviews he was going to work on giving more positive reviews. He said Jeramie was clean and efficient. He just made us a preferred vendor.

Mark G.

Serviced 9/26/2023 | Reno

Patricia called right after the serviceman left.  “Travis was awesome.”

Patricia D.

Serviced 9/10/2023 | Reno

Brad called just to say that Lionel did a great job.

Bradley K.

Serviced 9/24/2023 | Reno

Gilbert called to praise Jesse and Vanessa for his service call.  “They were both great and calming during their panic.”

Gilbert P.

Serviced 4/24/2023 | Reno

Five Stars! Chris did a great job troubleshooting my 40-year-old gas furnace and getting it running again. He answered all my questions and was very candid, sharing that spare components are no longer being made for my unit, so I should start budgeting for a replacement furnace.

Gary Swift

Serviced 1/4/2023 | Reno

Sewer backed up in house, a foot of snow outside. Caleb came and cleared blockage, we did our best to give him a path to clean out. His customer service is above and beyond on a nasty snowy day. We are so grateful.

Jan Longstaff

Serviced 10/17/22 | Reno

Best Service Ever 👍
Jet Plumbing is a life savers had clogged toilets 😒
After Caleb and Jasons came to my home to help me, my problems were over 🥳
This is a wonderful wonderful company, they are friendly smart honest hard working men who fixed all my plumbing problems, and I not say I’ve ever been happier with a company and the best thing about Jet plumbing is ( they tried there best to save my money ) 🤩

Alicia Kallio

Serviced 5/9/2022 | Reno

“Caleb was very personable, knowledgeable,  very kind and patient.  He is such a wonderful employee.”


Serviced 4/14/2022 | Reno

“Caleb represents Jet Plumbing very well.  He was very sweet and patient with me in explaining everything.”

Serviced 4/11/2022 | Carson City

Customer call to tell us he was very impressed with Mason.  “He was friendly and cleaned everything up and the job looked great when he left.”

Joey B.

Serviced 3/1/2022 | Reno

Jet has been to my house on many occasions to replace faucets, repair leaks and replace my water heater. They always call before they come to confirm the arrival time, the technicians are always on time, they are very professional, and everyone in the office and in the field are unfailingly friendly and courteous. They never leave a mess, and they are as unobtrusive as they can be while in your home. I find them to be knowledgeable and professional, and I give them my highest recommendation.

Lacy J D

Serviced 2/15/2022 | Reno

“Rodney is very friendly and professional. “

Christine D.

Serviced 2/16/2022 | Sparks

“Jesse and Dave are excellent workers.  As well as Jake and Manny, who were at my house last year.”

Al P.

Serviced 1/17/22 | Reno

“Rick was one of the most nicest, most professional men she has had in her home for a long time.  He was very polite and got everything done in a fast manner.”

Patsy N.

Serviced 2/15/2022 | Reno

“Very happy with Eddie and his work.  He was very pleasant ad personable.”

Rae M.

Serviced 1/19/22 | Reno

“Nico did a fabulous job.  I will call Jet again when I need some help again.”

Jen O.

Serviced 1/3/22 | Reno

John called and wanted to thank the tech for returning and fixing the job in a friendly manner.

John M.

Serviced 12/15/21 | Reno

“Chris was a great guy.  He was friendly, clean and did a great job.”

Paige M.

Serviced 1/3/22 | Sparks

“Rick was awesome, practical, honest and a great plumber.”

Shayne A.

Serviced 12/22/22 | Reno

The property manager called and said that Chad was wonderful.  Great job was done and she was very impressed.


Serviced 12/29/21 | Verdi

Bruce called to say how awesome the techs were and he is very happy.  He will be giving us a great review.

Bruce D.

Serviced 1/25/22 | Sparks

James the tenant called to say thank you and that Mason was very professional.  He was quick and got the work done and did a good job.


Serviced 1/17/22 | Reno

“Rick is one of the nicest, most professional men she has ever had in her home for a long time.  He is very polite and got everything done in a fast manner. “

Patsy N.

Serviced 2/3/22 | Reno

“Drew is an exceptional service person and represents your company well.  He is very polite and informative.

Eric N.

Entered by customer 1/19/22

Nico and Nickolas just left after checking my toilet for a possible leak. They were very courteous and diagnosed the situation quickly.

John M.

Serviced 12/13/2021 | Reno

Marti called and said, “Eddie just left and he was the best tech.  He was professional and took his time to explain what he was doing.”

Marti A.

Serviced 11/22/2021 | Reno

“Arturo was super professional and patient. He didn’t just fix the problem, he explained to me the mechanics of what he did.  I appreciated that!”

Courtney F.

Serviced 11/16/2021 | Reno

Scott texted to say,  “Jeremy was really Top Notch!”

Scott B.

Serviced 11/1/2021

I called to advise the owner that the tech was on the way.  Roger said, “The gal that answered the phone last night (Holly) was super helpful and really sweet.  She took the time to answer all of my questions and most people don’t do that.”

Roger V.

Serviced 9/29/2021 | Reno

“Jesse was very well mannered, wonderful and did a great job.  I am very pleased with the service.”

Lola M.

Serviced 10/8/2021 | Sterling Ridge

“Larry was on time, very kind, honest and I appreciated his work.  I will recommend Jet to all my friends.”

Mike H.

Serviced 9/22/2021 | Lakeside Condos

Tom called and said. “Caleb was great.  It’s didn’t take him a minute to find the problem.”

Tom W.

Serviced 9/17/2021 | Reno

Eric, the neighbor called to say thank you.  His neighbor was going to call a competitor and he told her to call us.  It made me feel really good that I could recommend a company that was stellar, and it made me look like a rock star. “

Eric P.

Serviced 9/24/2021 | Reno

“Chris was kind, knowledgeable, and answered all my questions.  He really did a wonderful job.”

Christine B.

Serviced 9/22/21 | Reno

“We were leaving town for 5 days and trying to do laundry when everything backed up.  Thanks everyone for getting here so quickly.”

Simon B.

Serviced 9/22/2021 | Reno

“Larry really knew what he was doing.  If i have any more problems, I will call Jet.”

Betty S.

Serviced 9/22/2021 | Reno

Tom called to say “Caleb was great.  It didn’t take him a minute to find the problem.  He was just great.”


Serviced 9/16/2021 | Reno

Hulda called and said, ” What a pleasure it was having both techs out.  They were very kind and did a wonderful job.  Great work and customer service.”

Hulda C.

Serviced 9/15/2021 | Carson City

Darcee called and said, “Arturo was on-time, very kind, and professional.  He did a wonderful job and the office gave great customer service.  I will use Jet moving forward.”

Darcee M.

Serviced 9/2/2021 | Reno

“I was pretty sure I had an impossible situation on my hands…or at least one that required a lot of time, a lot of holes in my walls and floors, and a lot of money.  At first, Jeremy agreed.  But, after some thought he came up with the most genius permanent solution to the leak behind/under/next to my sink and duct work. One small hole, a few hours and at minimal cost the drain line in my house is a thousand times better than it ever was.  He was nice, professional and, most importantly got the job done.  I would highly recommend Jeremy! Thank you!”

Derek C.

Serviced 7/16/2021 | Reno

“Skip and Albert are the finest human beings on the planet.  They and Jet made a horrible occasion into a reason to smile.  They are kind, and wonderful at their jobs.”

(we can’t make this stuff up)

Beth S.

Serviced 9/9/2021 | Reno

“Arturo and his partner were both great and I enjoyed meeting them.  Arturo gave me some valuable tips on how to make my new water heater function more efficiently. Great team!”

Sharon S.

Serviced 9/07/2021 | Reno

Thank you for fitting us into the schedule today, considering is was the 1st day after a 3 day weekend.   Chad was AWESOME and took care of the problem

Joe M.

Serviced 8/30/2021 | Reno

Michael called and said that Jake and Manny were so fantastic.  He was blown away by how great they were.  If he could give us 5 stars, he would give 7.

Michael L.

Serivced 8/30/21 | Reno

Lance called and said “From the very first call made to the office, until Caleb finished the job, I experienced excellent service.  Caleb was polite, showed up on time, and did a wonderful job.”

Ken K.

Serviced 8/05/2021 | Reno

“Caleb did a wonderful job, very thorough.  He is not afraid of any dirty tough job for sure.  He pulled out a 15-foot root from the sewer line.”


Serviced 7/30/2021 | Reno

Customer called to let us know how attentive Mason is.   He is such a fine and wonderful worker.

Janet R.

Serviced 7/30/2021 | Gardnerville

“Just want to let you know that Skip & Joe were courteous and professional during the processes of removing my old water heater and installing the new one. They represented JET well, and were very focused on Customer Service! They also answered all of my questions about the installation, which I greatly appreciated!”

Gary S.

Serviced 7/26/2021 | Reno

Rob called to compliment the guys, Jeremy and Mike.   “They are an amazing duo and I have never seen guys do their job in such an excellent manner. “

Rob W.

Serviced 7/16/2021 | Carson City

“I was very impressed with Jason.  He was a great guy and did an awesome job.”

Tony W.

Serviced 6/29/2021 | Reno

These guys are amazing and very respectful!!!   Appreciation is an understatement because I couldn’t possibly thank these guys enough!!  Thanks a million


Serviced 6/17/2021 | Reno

Glen called and raved about how wonderful Branden is.  He explained everything to her.  No one has ever taken the time to do this and she was really impressed.


Serviced 6/23/21 | Reno

The tech just left and I have to say, as a contractor myself, that was the best service call we have ever had.  The technicians name was Nico, and he was thorough, professional, and polite.

Michael B.

Serviced 6/15/2021 | Truckee, CA

Cindy called and said she was very impressed with both techs.  “They were kind, professional and worked quickly but did a great job.”

Cindy B.

Serviced 6/14/2021 | Reno

Hulda called to say what a wonderful young man Chris is and what a nice job he did installing her faucet.

Hilda C.

Serviced 6/2/2021 | Reno

Brenda called to say how wonderful Arturo was.  “He was nice and efficient and did a great job.”

Brenda the tenant

Serviced 4/14/2021 | Lockwood

Customer called the say “Drew did a wonderful job.”

Ellen C.

Serviced 5/4/2021 | Reno

Robert called to compliment Jesse.  “I had a lot of issues and he dealt with each one in a thorough and professional manner.  I plan on using Jet in the future.”

Robert F.

Serviced 4-27-2021 | Reno

Dyanne called to say how awesome Caleb is.  He knows how to talk to people and did a great job.

Dyanne R.

Serviced 3/20/21 | Reno

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that helped us today.  The lady, whose name I didn’t get, took the call and was very nice.  Caleb was the guy who came to the home and he was very polite, professional and informative.  Thank you!”

Susan S.

Serviced 3/6/21 | Sparks

Hugh called just to tell us that Branden did a great job.  He explained the problem and offered a solution.

Hugh F.

Serviced 3/11/21 | Lockwood

Mary called and gave Jeremy 5 stars.  She got Jet’s name from the HOA because her home warranty company sent out a different company that didn’t have a mobile home license and told them they need to replace the water heater.  Jeremy was able to repair the water heater and she is extremely happy.

Mary P.

Serviced 3/16/21 | Reno

Customer called to pay his invoice and a $30 tip for Mike.  She said “thank you so much and thank Mike.  He was great.”

Pam V.

Serviced 3/22/21 | Reno

“Chris D was fantastic.  He really took his time with me and showed me a few things under the sink.  I don’t know how you do it but every time we call and have a tech come out we always get A-1 Service.  It’s amazing.”

Tony C.

Serviced 4/12/21 | Spanish Springs

“Jesse was phenomenal and he represents your company very well.”

Andy - Tenant for Dianne R.

Serviced 4/1/2021 | Reno

“Thank you so much for being so nice.  Eddie was awesome and very nice as well.”

Julie P.

Serviced 4/8/2021 | Reno

Clarisse called to give Arturo a high compliment.  He was nice, and efficient and polite and really knew what he was doing.  She would have given him a hug if she could.

Clarisse F.

Serviced 3/5/2021 | Reno

“Larry did a fantastic job.  We thought we were going to have to pay thousands to get the problem resolved.  But Larry had an idea and it worked.  I really appreciate it.”

Jim H.

Serviced 3/4/2021 | Reno

As a client I wanted to express my feelings about Caleb.  He was very professional very nice and is a good worker.

Penny D.

Serviced 2/1/2021 | Reno

The tenant called to let us know that Chad was wonderful.  He has been dealing with contractors a lot lately and it was really refreshing to have someone so cordial and professional.  And Chad did excellent work.


Serviced 1/21/2021 | Carson City

“What an awesome job and thank you very much.  The plumbers did a really good job.  Mike and Ricky work so well together.”

Ruby R.

Serviced 1/28/2021 | Reno

Rhonda called to give good reviews for Chris D and Ricky M.  She has had both plumbers out in the last month and both were very nice and saved her money.

Rhonda L.

Serviced 1/21/2021 | Reno


Judy P.

Serviced 1/8/2021 | Reno

Suzie just called and thanked us for our wonderful service today.  She said our technicians were absolutely wonderful and knowledgeable.

Suzie S.

Serviced 12/23/2020 | Verdi, NV

Ed called to say how happy he was with Arturo.  He did a great job.  He has had Jet there for several different things recently and every time the Jet guys have been great.

Ed F.

Serviced 12/22/2020 | Sparks

Mrs. homeowner called to say “Jeff was great.  He was kind and explained everything.”   They were really happy.

Stephen H.

Serviced 12/30/2020 | Reno, NV

Alan said, “Jason was very kind, on time, professional and did a great job.”

Alan G.

Serviced 1/3/2021 | Reno, NV

Jim the tenant called to say thanks to Caleb and Jet for getting out there so quickly.  “He was very kind and professional and fixed the issue within 20 minutes.”

Jim B.

Serviced 7/15/2020 | Carson City, NV

Lynda writes, “We wanted to say thanks for your prompt response when had a plumbing need on July 15th.  My husband said that Mel was great, kind and knowledgeable, and a pleasure to have him give us service.  Thank you and God bless.”

Lynda P.

Serviced 8/10/2020 | Dayton, NV

Kathleen called to say “Thank you to Jack, Jason and Shelby for the prompt service and professionalism in getting the water leak issues resolved.”

Kathleen R,

Serviced 8/24/2020 | Reno, NV

“Thank you for sending Mike.  He was nice and professional and I am so thankful.”

Carol P.

Serviced 10/19/2020 | Stateline, NV

I want to give a double “atta boy” to Chad.  He did an exquisite Job.  Very service oriented, wonderful work, & everything was just perfect.  I would definitely recommend your group.

Bill P

A submittal from our website on 10/22/2020

Bryan Yeoman is so efficient, prompt,qualified, professional and friendly. He diagnosed my 3 water problems so quickly and then fixed them!!! I am very grateful!! Thank you, Bryan!!
I give him a 10…….excellent!!!

Laurie J

Serviced 9/30/2020 | Reno

“Jet replaced our sewer line and we were very professional, really nice, communicative and it was a great experience.”


Serviced 9/28/2020 | Reno

Kathleen works at a company on Vassar St where Jack is scheduled for October 7th.  She was so impressed with the work we did at her home on the water heater in September she made sure she called us for the work at her office.


Serviced 10/8/2020 | Carson City

“Mel did a fantastic job and I appreciate how quickly we went out and took care of the problem.   I give you 5 stars.”


Serviced 10/13/2020 | Reno

“Jason and all your techs are very polite.  Jason cleaned up after himself and did a good job.”


Serviced 6/10/19 | Reno

Thank you for rearranging your schedule and making two trips to get the water heater replaced. Excellent work!


Serviced 6/13/19 | Reno

Thank you for the great service you provided us. I was impressed by the timely service and professionalism your company displayed. The plumber came early and did a great job.


Serviced 6/14/19 | Sparks

Doug called to say he was very pleased with Aaron’s work. Aaron was outstanding and professional and did a great job.


Serviced 7/10/19 | Reno

“We have a gem in Jeremy.” Kathy said she is a real estate professional and has worked with many trades people and he is one of the best.

Kathleen S

Serviced 7/12/19 | Sparks

Julie was so pleased with Jeff’s work replacing their water heater. “He did a great job and has an awesome personality.

Julie E

Serviced 7/24/19 | Reno

Sherry called to say she really appreciates Rick. He takes his time, is knowledgeable and is very service oriented. He has been out a couple of times and is always nice and explains things to her.

Michael & Sherry G

Serviced 7/25/19 | Reno

Lynne called to say she was very pleased with Albert’s service. He was very friendly and clean. She said she has never had such good customer service through a home warranty before.


Serviced 7/29/19 | Reno

Jerry was impressed with Tom’s efficiency and quickness. “He does a great job. In fact, I always request him.”

Jerry B

Serviced 8/1/19 | Reno

Mike was very efficient, polite and professional.


Serviced 8/7/19 | Reno

Ken couldn’t say enough good things about the service he received from Rick C. today. “Rick’s attitude and knowledge were just the best ever.”

Ken L

Serviced 8/13/19 | Carson City

Thank you for sending Mike to repair the water pipe leaking in the ceiling of the ladies restroom. Mike is very efficient.


Serviced 8/13/19 | Reno

Jeremy was professional and did a nice job installing our new garbage disposal. Thanks for sending someone so quickly.

Stan W

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