Our Drain Services

Clearing plugged sewer lines of lateral drain lines can be a rough and dirty job. And sewer line cleaning in Reno becomes even harder in the springtime when trees and bushes are growing roots that make there way into old sewer lines. Using a hand snake or powersnake is the most popular way to clear natural build-up from drain and sewer lines. Whether you have a plugged toilet, laundry line or main sewer line that needs to be cleared, Jet Plumbing & Drain Services has the equipment and personnel to clear the obstruction. And if you have a broken line, Jet Plumbing employs experienced plumbers that can repair or replace sewer and drain lines for any application.


Hydro Flushing

JET Plumbing not only uses 4 different size cables or snakes to clear lines, we also have 3 different size hydro-flush (high pressure water scour) machines. Hydro-Flushing or High Pressure Scouring is an effective way to remove grease, roots and natural build-up from your sewer when snaking doesn’t help. Jet Plumbing has a special root cutting attachment that can clear lines that cannot be opened with conventional cable machines. Jet Plumbing also has 3 different hydro machines to make sure we have the right equipment to clear sewer lines or storm drains from 3″ to 56″ in diameter.

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